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November 28, 2006

Win Free Tix to RedsFest

From an e-mail from THE Dave Storm, GABP scoreboard operator extraordinaire and front-man for the Screaming Mimes:

Hoo-ya Screaming Mimes fans… hopefully all of your Thanksgiving leftovers have been consumed and you're hopelessly optimistic Amazon Christmas Wish List is updated… now on to more important things.

RedsFestRedsfest is THIS FRIDAY & SATURDAY December 1st & 2nd. We play the really big show Friday at 8:00 PM. And now you can win 4 tickets to Friday's Redsfest - which means free access to the concert!

Announcing the Screaming Mimes Redsfest Ticket Giveaway Contest Extravaganza! (cue trumpet sting)

To enter, email us at [email protected] with a really clever limerick, drawing, picture, song, animation - anything that can be emailed - with some reference, either obvious or discreet, to Screaming Mimes by Wednesday the 29th at Midnight. Judging will take place Thursday and you will be contacted immediately to get your 4 tickets for Friday's Redsfest. Please include your phone number and email addresses with the entry. The winning entry will be posted on screamingmimes.com and myspace.com/screamingmimes, along with some of the runners-up that really amuse us.

To find out exactly what's happening with Redsfest, check out www.reds.com/redsfest - all the players, interactives, games, music, etc…

If you haven't checked out www.screamingmimes.com yet, GO THERE NOW and download our FREE GIFT to you - and mp3 of our spunky song “Christmastime”. We only ask that you share it with everyone you can and help spread the love… just use proper protection when you spread love.

See you Friday!!!!

Hey, four tickets to Friday's Redsfest is a $40 value. Plus, the honor and glory of the winner coming from RHM is something I'd cherish for at least a couple weeks.