Daily Archives: November 17, 2006

November 17, 2006

The Orioles and Adam Dunn

The Baltimore Sun says that if the Orioles aren't able to bolster their offense through the free-agent market, they might come sniffing around Adam Dunn:

If the Orioles are unable to get a bat through free agency, they could also explore one in a trade. The Seattle Mariners' Richie Sexson and the Cincinnati Reds' Adam Dunn are among the players who might be available at the right price. The problem for the Orioles is that both teams would probably want Erik Bedard in return, and he is considered the most untouchable player in the organization.

I'm all for Kriv-dawg getting a player that a team really, really doesn't want to give up, but that probably wouldn't happen. I wouldn't even mind him compromising: a few players a team just sort of didn't want to give up. Just so long as he doesn't deal for middle relievers and Royce Clayton again.

November 17, 2006

Indians and Schoeneweis

In our latest installment of the continuing saga of Scott Scheoneweis, we see that the Cleveland Plain Dealer thinks the Indians might be calling:

Shapiro talked with agent Scott Boras on Wednesday night. Boras has outfielder J.D. Drew, who at one time was interested the Indians, but has since moved to a higher market.

“Scott has some relievers,” said Shapiro. “It's safe to say we talked to him about those relievers.”

Lefties Ron Villone and Scott Schoeneweis are Boras clients. The Indians could use one or two lefties.

The story goes on to mention that Schoeneweis had a 0.63 ERA in 16 appearances during the Reds' stretch run. Really? Then why the heck did Ryan Franklin pitch so much?