Daily Archives: November 12, 2006

November 12, 2006

The Rangers and Ryan Freel

The Dallas Morning News mentions everyone's favorite human hummingbird among its rumors about the Rangers' need for a center fielder:

There might be guys available for trade. The Rangers could explore dealing for Philadelphia's Aaron Rowand, but that would probably take something such as Hank Blalock. And new manager Washington has made it clear he wants to work with Blalock.

A more likely trade possibility might be Cincinnati's Ryan Freel. He could be part of a platoon in center and would also replace some of the versatility that the club will lose if Mark DeRosa signs elsewhere, as expected.

I don't think there is there any possibility that the Reds could get enough out of a trade for Ryan Freel. The trade would have to do more than address one of the team's needs; it would have to justify giving up Freel's skill, spark, and popularity. Trading Felipe Lopez and Austin Kearns for middle relievers makes people think you're an idiot. Trading Freel for a middle reliever would make people think you're Satan.

November 12, 2006

MLB Japan Series Ends in Sweep

The Major League Baseball All-Star Japan series ended this past week with the MLB sweeping for the first time since 1935.

The final game ended in dramatic fashion with Jose Reyes providing a walk-off home run for the win.

I like the idea of the international series, as it can only help promote baseball. I wouldn't have minded seeing more coverage of it domestically, but that's probably a bit much to ask for considering NFL and college football are in the midst of their seasons.

Even though it's been going on infrequently for years, I hope the series leads to more international baseball stuff, like an improved baseball World Cup, for starters.