Daily Archives: November 13, 2006

November 13, 2006

Top Prospect List

Top Prospect Alert has posted a list of the Reds' top 10 prospects. Not a lot of surprise here: Homer Bailey, Jay Bruce, and Joey Votto. Sure would be nice to see more pitchers in that list, huh?

November 13, 2006

All Bubba, All the Time

Hey, remember the other day when the Reds signed Bubba Crosby, and I said something insensitive to the effect that I didn't care? Well, that was back when I thought that Bubba Crosby was just some boring nobody, but now I know better. Now I humbly stand corrected.

I mean, how could a guy possibly be a boring nobody when he has an entire blog dedicated to him?

All Things Bubba appears to be a blog entirely dedicated to Bubba Crosby. To be honest, I didn't comb through the archives to make sure that there aren't other Bubba's involved, but the archives go all the way back to May, which I think is pretty impressive. It sometimes feels like there isn't anything to say here on RHM, and I talk about an entire team.

I think we're going to enjoy following the exploits of All Things Bubba as the season progresses. Ought to be an interesting read, even if he turns out not to be a particularly interesting player.

November 13, 2006

Reds Inquiring About Braves’ Second Baseman

Per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Reds have expressed interest in Braves' second baseman, Marcus Giles:

The Braves are listening to offers for second baseman Marcus Giles, who appears likely to be dealt for several reasons — his salary ($5.5 million or more in 2007), his pending free agency after next season, and organizational depth in middle-infield prospects.

Schuerholz said restoring the pitching staff to an elite level remains his top priority — as difficult as that might appear considering the team's payroll constraints.

San Diego and Cincinnati are among teams interested in Giles. The Padres have a setup reliever the Braves covet, Scott Linebrink.

Presumably, if the Reds were to land Giles, they would start him at second with Brandon Phillips swinging over to shortstop, his “natural” position. Phillips was pretty darn good at second, and he was just learning the position, so I certainly don't hate the idea of seeing him showing off at short.

Then again, I don't really see what the Reds have to offer to restore the Braves' pitching staff to an elite level. I mean, Jason Standridge is already gone.

November 13, 2006

The Tigers and Scott Schoeneweis

After yet another list of rumors of the Mets' interest in Rich Aurilia and the Phillies' interest in David Weathers, it's kind of nice to see a fresh face among the rumors.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Tigers might be interested in pursing Scott Schoeneweis:

Free agent Jamie Walker, a Tiger since 2002, has said he would like to return to the club and challenge John Hiller's club record for relief appearances. Walker's agent, Phil Tannenbaum, said recently that Walker is seeking a three-year deal, and the Chicago Sun-Times reported Sunday that Walker is a top target of White Sox GM Kenny Williams.

If Walker signs elsewhere, Detroit would likely pursue Scott Schoeneweis (Cincinnati Reds) and Ron Villone (New York Yankees). The Tigers have already expressed interest in both left-handers.

Wouldn't you know it? And just when I figured out how to spell his name.

November 13, 2006

Another Hottest Red by the Wayside

Jason Standridge was claimed off waivers by the New York Mets today, according to the guy who is not Marc yet writing at Marc's blog.

It was just over a year ago that Standridge was proclaimed The Hottest Red by Red Hot Mama. Now I guess I'll have to find someone new to drool over. I'll accept nominations.