November 3, 2006

Hire RHM!

Wow. I'm out of the loop for a week, and find out that WLW fired Andy Furman. I can't remember how long the bombastic guy's been on that radio station. I definitely remember first hearing him back in the 90s.

The end of an ignorant and inflammatory era, I guess. No, wait. This is sports talk radio we're talking about. And 700 WLW, home of Willie Cunningham.

No, I'm afraid the ignorant and inflammatory will continue ad infinitum.

4 comments to “Hire RHM!”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    Wow, indeed. I’d heard he’d been suspended, but I had no idea. I had read what he said, but it seemed like more of his same old stuff.

    Now who the hell is going to give Richard air time??

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    It just occurred to me last night that it’s Tracy Jones that gives Richard air time, so we’re actually OK there. Shows I don’t live in Cincinnati, I reckon.

  3. Zeldink says:

    Ha! Well, maybe they can replace Furball with The Richard and Rod Show. I’m sure that would have tons of callers.

  4. Redsfan68 says:


    Just when you thought it was safe to listen to WLW again…..WCPO is reporting that Tom Gamble (he of the two whiney guys, and by the way the dumber of the two) will be the permanent replacement for Furman.

    They could have picked anyone else, but they just had to pick the one person in this town that I disliked more than the Furball. Heck, I would have preferred they kept “stuttering Seg Dennison” or even Porky Pig for that matter, rather than forcing us to listen to this dolt.