Daily Archives: November 18, 2006

November 18, 2006

Gonzalez Almost Certainly Aboard

Reds General Manager Wayne “Kriv-dawg” Krivsky isn't talking yet, but Peter Gammons has reported that the Reds have signed a 3-year, $14 million deal with Alex Gonzalez. (Via Marc)

As should be no surprise given Krivsky's priorities, Gonzales is hot with the glove, not so much with the bat. There is an upside to having a shiny new 100-strikeout kind of guy on the team, though: he can take some of the pressure off Adam Dunn.

More on this as the story develops.

November 18, 2006

The Cubs and Marquis

Bleed Cubbie Blue links to a story in the New York Daily News that says the Cubs have been pursuing Jason Marquis.

In related news, I expect the Cubs to come sniffing around after Ryan Franklin any day now.

November 18, 2006

The Dave Littlefield Translator

Pat at WHYGAS? has taken several clips from an interview with Pirates General Manager Dave Littlefield and translated them into words you can understand.

This is so totally something RHM would have done in the days of O'Brien. However, my version would have been a little application where you entered actual words and got back the same words with stuff like “unavoidably” and “incongruously” stuck in the middle and “status quo” tacked on the end.

I guess in the Wayne Krivsky version you would type in regular words and get nothing back. Or perhaps an impressive moustache.

November 18, 2006

He Ain’t No Felipe Lopez

According to the Boston Herald, the Reds are interested in Alex Gonzalez:

There have been rumblings that the White Sox or Reds are gaining ground on landing free agent shortstop Alex Gonzalez with a three-year deal worth about $5 million a season.

The Red Sox are not believed to be interested in anything other than a one-year deal for Gonzalez. Asked about the reports, Epstein said, “We don’t comment on free agent talks.”

The White Sox are not high on legally troubled shortstop Juan Uribe, while the Reds could use Gonzalez at short and move Brandon Phillips to second. . . .

The Red Sox remain interested in free agent shortstop Julio Lugo, but there does not appear to be any urgency in signing him. They also have inquired about free agent outfielder Gary Matthews Jr.

I'm not sure that Phillips playing second would exactly be a “move” there, but whatever.

November 18, 2006

Outsourcing Baseball

Joliet Jake at Bucco Blog put up some thoughts yesterday about the influence of Asian markets on the economics of American baseball in the post Baseball in the Red?

I'm not exactly sure whether Jake thinks we should be worried about the influence, or whether it was just an excuse to tell everyone that he drives a Cadillac. It's hard to think that anything that will bring baseball to more people is bad. On the other hand, MLB is a monopoly in the US and the sport might be better served with some actual international competition.

Something to think about while you wait for Kriv-dawg to do something.