November 18, 2006

The Cubs and Marquis

Bleed Cubbie Blue links to a story in the New York Daily News that says the Cubs have been pursuing Jason Marquis.

In related news, I expect the Cubs to come sniffing around after Ryan Franklin any day now.

3 comments to “The Cubs and Marquis”

  1. Elle says:

    Oh oh OH that would be too perfect! I would love to see Jason Marquis lead the Cubs to a 99th year of futility.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    The Cubs are like a rehab center for players who have fallen off the wagon of performing well. Alas, their success rate for getting those guys back on track isn’t isn’t that impressive.

  3. ohiobobcat says:

    I don’t care if its an unpopular view, I am leading the Resign Ryan Franklin brigade.

    Then again, I’ve previously championed the Josh Hancock and Jason Standridge campaigns….so jump on the bandwagon with caution.