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December 18, 2006

Episode 38: Wow, There’s Really Nothing Going On

Red Hot RadioThankfully short podcast this week, as there’s just nothing going on to talk about. The Crack Technical Staff does have a couple of his entertaining stories of wackiness in the world of sports, Marty Brennaman has a new album out, and I think you get to hear me doing the “Large Marge” speech from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.

Episode 38: Wow, There’s Really Nothing Going On (7.44 MB, 10:49)

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December 18, 2006

Reds Riddles

Riddle #1
Positions I've played are two or three
If icy fedoras in the sea
had sunk the Titanic, you might blame me.
Who am I?

Riddle #2
Tools I display
When I'm playing hot
A little like OJ
With a vodka shot.
Who am I?

Riddle #3
Pink ones say “I'll Never Forget You”
Red ones “My Heart Aches For You”
They all say “esquina caliente”
Preceeded by “en.”
Who am I?

December 18, 2006

Yawn. The reason for the dull offseason is clear to me (BRM)

Seems like everyone is expecting some big announcement. Nary a move at the winter meetings unless you consider the announcement of bringing back Weathers to be exciting news. People seem to think Krivsky is stumped or that we are trying to save extra cash. I disagree with both of those assessments. In my opinion, Krivsky has already built his team and is just fleshing it out with some bit players.

Consider this:

Since taking over GM duties last Spring the Reds now have a new catcher, a new 1st baseman, a new second baseman, a new shortstop, a new 3rd baseman (Encarnacion won the job last Spring), a new right fielder (Freel or Denorfia, or somebody else). That's 7 out of 9 position players changing since Krivsky took over. Only Dunn and Griffey, the two big boppers remain locked, and that is because Griffey is virtually untradeable and possesses a veto, and Dunn was re-signed by Krivsky, so in a way that is his guy as well.

Let's move on to the starting pitching. Harang was the ace when Wayne arrived, so fortunately he remains, and Milton, like Griffey, is pretty much impossible to trade because of his contract, but aside from those two Krivsky added Arroyo and Lohse and the 5th starter is up in the air and could wind up being one of his guys as well. We know it won't be Claussen.

As for the relief staff, that was completely overhauled last season. Majewski, Bray, Cormier were acquired, and now add Stanton to that list. Only Weathers and Coffey survived the changes.

So folks, what we have is a new team, Krivsky's team and that is why you shouldn't expect radical changes at this juncture. He did most of the work last season. I expect nothing more than another 1st baseman that bats right-handed to platoon with Hatteberg. The number 5 pitcher will probably go to Elizardo Ramirez or maybe this guy Livingston. I don't think an established closer is going to be brought in for big bucks because 1) I don't think we have big bucks remaining when you consider Harang and Ross are both going to arbitration and 2) Weathers and Stanton both did some closing last year and are probably going to serve as a bridge to the closer of the future which is either going to be Bray or Coffey.

So this is the hand Krivsky is playing. The only thing that could happen that would be radical, would be if he decided to trade Dunn, but I think he thinks he can get his stock higher than what it currently is after a very disappointing season. If he gets off to a hot start you probably have a lot better offers. Or, you ride it out and hope he gets you to the post season with a break out season (reduced strikeouts and improved clutch hitting).

The other big offensive change looming on the horizon will of course be Griffey departing to the Happy Hunting Grounds. He will either retire, be brought back cheaply as a pinch hitter, or smaybe try his hand at DH in the AL. he won't be patrolling CF in 2007, which is why they won't bother re-training him at a new position, because he is not going to be around much longer. I think they figure he is good for 80-110 games give or take.

I do believe Craig Wilson is the target acquisition remaining in Krivsky's sights because he can play both RF and 1B and has the pre-requisite right-handed bat. Plus he has power, which will be in short supply when Griffey goes down.

No one expects Milton to return after this season, but I don't look for major changes in the rotation because eventually Homer Bailey is coming up, and any money saved on Milton will need to go to Harang and possibly Arroyo if they can convince him to stick around for the right price (maybe Milton's salary).

So there you have it. The reason nothing is happening, is because it already happened. Weren't you paying attention?