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May 13, 2008

Kepp Fractures Knee

Jeff Keppinger, the guy keeping the spot between second and third warm for Gonzalez and the hottest-hitting guy on the Reds’ roster, was hit in the knee with a ball tonight after he broke his bat fouling it off. The impact resulted in a fractured patella, taking him out for who knows how long.

In news that seems unrelated to the untrained eye, former Cubs shortstop Neifi Perez was suspended for 80 games on August 3 last year.

Get well soon, Kepp.

May 13, 2008

Padres 3, Cubs 12: Exploding Against the Padres

Padres (14-25)0010101003101
Cubs (23-15)10006500-12130
W: Carlos Zambrano (6-1) L: Randy Wolf (2-3)


Apparently, the Cubs really did miss Aramis Ramirez in the lineup when he missed a few games. After stinking up the joint against crappy teams like the Reds, the Cubs have jumped back into first place thanks to a four-game winning streak that coincides with Ramirez’ return to the lineup. Not that he contributed all 12 runs by himself, but his presence seems to offer better pitches to those around him.

The Cubs scored 6 in the 5th and 5 in the 6th to rout the Padres and give Carlos Zambrano his 6th win. All of that scoring, and just one home run, from Alfonso Soriano.

Thanks to a Cardinals loss, Chicago sits alone in first. Jason Marquis will try to keep them there tonight when he starts against Shawn Estes at 8:05pm EDT.

May 13, 2008

Marlins 7, Reds 8: The Reds Win a Game They Usually Lose

Marlins (23-15)200100130791
Reds (16-23)00002240-8101
W: Aaron Harang (2-5) L: Taylor Tankersley (0-1) S: Francisco Cordero (6)


Really, the title for the post says it all. Somehow the Reds managed to win a game that all signs indicated they should lose.

  • Aaron Harang starting.
  • Facing a pitcher with an ERA north of 6.
  • Corey Patterson leading off.
  • Adam Dunn batting seventh.
  • Dusty Baker “managing.”

All conditions were true, yet the Reds won anyway. Patterson had a good game, which undoubtedly helped. He had 4 hits to raise his average above .200. His not out percentage continues to languish below his career average of terrible.

Jeff Keppinger and Brandon Phillips drove in runs and lead the Reds to a comeback win, providing Harang with run support he hasn’t had all year. Of course, Francisco Cordero had to make it interesting when he was called in early in the 8th, but the error by Griffey really just showed again how bad he is in right field. He’s my favorite player, but if the Reds want to win anytime soon, they need to trade him away.

The same two teams play again tonight at 7:10pm EDT when Mark Hendrickson faces Edinson Volquez.

May 13, 2008

Braves 8, Pirates 1: All Good Things…

Braves (19-18)0012401008141
Pirates (18-20)100000000152
W: Tim Hudson (6-2) L: John Van Benschoten (0-2)


The Pirates weren’t nearly as lucky in the second game of their doubleheader against the Braves. Proving that he’s only considered a starting prospect because he was drafted so high, John Van Benschoten was shelled all the way back to Indianapolis. (He was demoted after the game.)

Tim Hudson continues his excellent season with the Braves, and had little difficulty dispatching the Pirates, allowing only 1 run over seven innings.

The Pirates did commit 2 more errors, bringing their total for the day to 6. It might be time for some fielding practice, or this strange run of winning for Pittsburgh might end.

The Cardinals are up next for Pittsburgh. Tonight at 8:15pm EDT, Phil Dumatrait starts against Kyle Lohse, in a thrilling battle of ex-Reds.

May 13, 2008

Braves 0, Pirates 5: Winning with Errors

Braves ((18-18)000000000080
Pirates (18-19)00003002-554
W: Zach Duke (2-2) L: Jair Jurrjens (4-3)


In the first game of their double-header against the Braves, the Pirates somehow managed to win despite committing 4 errors. Yes, 4 errors. That’s a lot.

Also, the winner, Zach Duke, allowed 5 hits and walked 5 over 6 innings. How many runs did he allow? Why zero, of course. Strange, strange game, which also serves as the adjective for the Pirates march to almost .500 ball. The win moved the Pirates into a tie for fourth place, a height they haven’t seen in a while.