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June 4, 2008

Reds 2, Phillies 3: News Flash! Reds Suck on Road

Reds (28-31)001000010251
Phillies (35-25)00100200-390
W: Adam Eaton (2-3) L: Aaron Harang (2-8) S: Brad Lidge (15)


The Reds lost again last night, but there was still a lot of news that came out of it.

Ryan Freel hurt a hamstring and has been placed on the DL. Corey Patterson makes his triumphant return tonight in his place. Also, Daniel Herrera, the other player the Reds received in the Josh Hamilton trade, made his MLB debut, and struck out some impressive Phillies batters. Really, has there ever been a trade that both teams ended up being so tickled pink about?

I read somewhere that Dusty Baker’s getting frustrated with the team’s losing. I tell you, the man never comes off as observant. Here the team is a third of the way into the season, and Baker’s just now frustrated with losing? One would think he would have gotten used to that in Chicago.

The Reds turn to their stopper tonight when Edinson Volquez goes against the Phillies’ Brett Myers at 7:05pm EDT.

June 4, 2008

Astros 2, Pirates 0: Welcome Back, Wandy

Astros (30-24)1000010002100
Pirates (27-31)000000000050
W: Wandy Rodriguez (2-1) L: Phil Dumatrait (2-3) S: Jose Valverde (16)


Wandy Rodriguez made his second start after a stint on the DL and seemed to be closer to his usual self. So often a pitcher’s first start after being activated stinks, and Rodriguez was no exception. Last night, however, he threw 6 innings of shutout ball against the Pirates.

The Astros have a slumping offense, and a dominant pitching performance was just what they needed to help them win on just two runs.

The Pirates got another good start out of Phil Dumatrait, but the team also had no offense. Who would have guessed the game would be a pitching duel?

There’s a chance tonight’s game will be another low-scoring affair, at least for one side, when Roy Oswalt starts against Zach Duke at 7:05pm EDT.

June 4, 2008

Cubs 9, Padres 6: Holy Crap!

Cubs (38-21)0001230309111
Padres (23-37)0021000306101
W: Jason Marquis (3-3) L: Bryan Corey (1-1) S: Kerry Wood (16)


What’s going on with the Cubs?

Another win last night on the road, and it was another come-from-behind affair. Now I skipped a few years of baseball after the strike, but even before that, I don’t remember the Cubs winning much. I’ve never seen them playing and winning so much. It’s weird, it’s uncanny, and it’s unnatural. It’s like the person with enough votes not winning an election.

I do fully expect it to stop, but the Cubs did win their 9th in a row last night, thanks to homers from Geovanny Soto, Mark DeRosa, and Alfonso Soriano. Jason Marquis sucked for the Cubs, which explains why they were behind early. I’m surprised he’s still in the rotation, but that’s the one glaring weakness of the club right now. They don’t have anyone better to replace him.

Ted Lilly tries to win the 10th in a row tonight when he fights twice-former Cub Greg Maddux at 10:05pm EDT.