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June 11, 2008

The Cardinals without Pujols

Sure, it’s a battle between Braden Looper and Johnny Cueto, but will it really be much of a battle without Goliath Pujols on the field? Come on.

OK, yeah, in fact it’ll be a much more fair battle without Goliath Pujols on the field.

Will Jay Bruce crack under the pressure of leading off? Will Paul Janish be the next shortstop to go? Will Griffey be Seattle-bound before the end of the game? That’s what makes the game exciting, baby.

June 11, 2008

Braves 5, Cubs 10: Winning Despite Bad Pitching

Braves (32-33)300000020592
Cubs (41-24)02210014-10121
W: Lilly (6-5) L: Glavine (2-3)


Ted Lilly was terrible in his first inning of work yesterday, but settled down for the next 5 2/3 innings, letting the offense bail him out.

The Cubs bullpen wasn’t so hot, either, allowing 2 runs in less than 3 innings, but it was good enough. Easy to get a win when your offense scores 10 runs.

Chicago continues to own everyone who steps inside the friendly confines. Well, at least their offense does. The team’s pitching staff still has lots of question marks, like all teams in the NL Central.

Jeff Bennett starts against Ryan Dempster tonight at 8:05pm EDT, with Dempster attempting to continue his hard-to-believe season.

June 11, 2008

Brewers 1, Astros 6: Roy’s Back!

Brewers (33-31)001000000152
Astros (33-32)20000040-680
W: Oswalt (5-6) L: McClung (3-3)


Roy Oswalt had his best outing of the year by far, dominating the Brewers in 7 innings of work. Astros fans are happy everywhere today.

If Oswalt returns to his Cy Young self, the Astros rotation will receive a healthy shot in the arm, that’s for sure. And this time it won’t be Roger Clemens or Miguel Tejada holding the needle.

Oswalt struck out 10, allowing only one run on a solo shot from Ryan Braun.

The same two teams face off again tonight when Manny Parra battles Brandon Backe at 8:05pm EDT.

June 11, 2008

Cardinals 7, Reds 2: What Do You Expect From a Pitcher Named Homer?

Cardinals (39-27)0041001017110
Reds (31-35)000200000250
W: Boggs (1-0) L: Bailey (0-2)


Reds rookie starter Homer Bailey lived up to his name, allowing two homers in 3 2/3 innings yesterday. Not a good outing for the kid as he continues to show he needs more practice at the big league level.

Bailey probably should have been getting this from the beginning of the season, but the Reds had delusions of adequacy for far too long. The only future the Reds have is in their young talent, and there’s not really any reason to let them waste away in the minors at this point.

As for the Cardinals, their delusions of adequacy have proven quite true. Somehow. Albert Pujols went down for at least a few days with a calf strain, but I have a feeling that his absence, even combined with that of Adam Wainwright, Jason Isringhausen, and a cast of thousands, will not derail St. Louis in their quest to sweep the Reds.

It’s Braden Looper versus Johnny Cueto tonight at 7:10pm EDT.

June 11, 2008

Nationals 7, Pirates 6: Meant to Lose Some Games

Nationals (26-40)0000103127141
Pirates (31-34)3000010206100
W: Hanrahan (2-2) L: Capps (0-1) S: Rauch (13)


The Pirates took an early lead and seemed to have things well in hand. Of course, this is the Pirates. Even though they’re playing a team worse than them in the Nationals, failure lurks around every corner.

Starter Paul Maholm allowed the Nationals to tie it, but the Pirates came back. Perhaps they were thinking they should win this one because they once had a 3-0 lead. But no, Matt Capps came in to blow the save.

If there’s any consolation, Pittsburgh continued to stay out of last place. There’s always a silver lining.

A tough loss in a game they needed to win if they wanted to reach .500. They try again tonight at 7:05pm EDT when John Lannan starts against Ian Snell.