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June 18, 2008

Women in Baseball: Andrea Larson

We’ve Got Heart has continued their series of interviews with women in baseball. This time, they talk to Andrea Larson, the Corporate Communications Manager for the Minnesota Twins.

This one’s a bit of a stereotype: the woman taking the role of the communicator in the male dominated field. Maybe even more than my job, as the communicator in a software company. In any event, like Andrea says, you find your niche. I sure wouldn’t mind hitting one of those Wine, Women, and Baseball events.

Read the interview here.

June 18, 2008

Cubs 2, Devil Rays 3: Dempster Goes for Strikeouts, Apparently

Cubs (45-26)000010001261
Devil Rays (41-29)01000110-3100
W: Balfour (1-0) L: Cotts (1-0) S: Percival (16)


Ryan Dempster struck out 6 and allowed one run in his start against the Devil Rays yesterday. That sounds good until I let you know that he did that in only 5 innings because he threw 107 pitches. Methinks he should focus more on getting people out instead of trying to boost his strikeout totals. He’s unlikely to catch Edinson Volquez, anyway.

Overall, the Cubs pitching was fine, but they demonstrated a marked lack of offense. The heart of the lineup failed to get a hit, which generally makes it tough to score runs, let alone win. Still, I suppose the Cubs were due for an non-off-day off day. Every team loses sometime.

June 18, 2008

Blue Jays 0, Brewers 7: Missing the Memo

Blue Jays (35-37)000000000040
Brewers (37-33)01120102-770
W: Parra (6-2) L: McGowan (5-5)


Apparently, the Brewers didn’t check their mail about how every team in the NL Central was supposed to lose yesterday. Their loss, or win, as the case may be.

Manny Parra had his best outing of the year, with 7 innings of shutout ball. He’s pitching much better lately, which has to please Milwaukee. Parra is 3-0 for the month, and has lowered his ERA from 5.86 to 4.22. His win also gained the Brewers a game thanks to the Cubs losing.

The offense did well, too, with Prince Fielder hitting another home run to silence those savage meat-eating critics. Three other players–Craig Counsell, Russell Branyan, and Ryan Braun–joined him in the homer parade.

June 18, 2008

Dodgers 3, Reds 1: Baker Loses Another One

Dodgers (32-38)001100010370
Reds (33-39)000000100160
W: Billingsley (5-7) L: Cueto (5-7) S: Saito (9)


This is the second game in recent memory that manager Dusty Baker refused to put his team in a place where it could succeed. Previously, he left Mike Lincoln in instead of bringing in Francisco Cordero. Yesterday, he refused to pinch-hit for Corey Patterson in the late innings with the chance to tie the game.

Good one, Dusty! Because what leads a team to success is not pinch-hitting for a guy with a pitcher’s batting average. The man-crush present between those two men is so thick, it chokes the throat. Oh, and makes the Reds lose.

Johnny Cueto did his best impersonation of Aaron Harang, pitching 7 innings and allowing just 2 runs. Keep it up, Cueto, but let’s watch that pitch count. 109 is edging into dangerous territory, and I’d like you to survive Baker’s disastrous tenure.