July 30, 2008

Genuine Fan Women are Playing the Field

What's inside the Fox Box?Just as AOL’s “partnership” with the scantily-clad-and-poor-cue-card-reading Fantasy Sports Girls was giving women sport bloggers a bad name, 15 women who don’t need a sleezeball pervert to write their suggestive commentary for them were launching Playing the Field.

Per their–our–about page:

Featured on this site are some of the best female sports bloggers on the net. These women are smart, sports savvy, and will kick your butt in fantasy ball. Consider this your hub for the best writing women in sports have to offer. You’ll find stuff that will make you laugh, make you think, and sometimes make you crazy. But that’s just like a woman, isn’t it? Throughout this site we will cover everything and anything about sports that deserves our attention. And probably a few things that don’t. But we promise to always entertain you and make you wonder why women don’t rule the sports blogging world. Yet.

Ideas for PTF content include everything from fantasy sports advice to our vision of what our favorite players’ blogs would say, (if they actually wrote them for themselves). Whatever the topic, you’re sure to find something interesting in each woman’s box.

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