April 13, 2010

15 things worse than Jay Bruce flipping off his friends

According to Reds.com, Jay Bruce just feels like crap for giving the monkeys in the dug-out the ol’ double-sit-and-spin. Reds.com beat reporter Mark Sheldon hypothesizes that the league will be doling out some sort of prudish justice, though we haven’t heard what fine is in order for being the dummy who forgot your beer league game was being televised.

In honor of this presumed-upcoming self-righteousness, I thought I’d list 15 things the Reds, Major League Baseball, the player’s union, or anyone suckling off the teet of Big Baseball have done that have been the equivalent of flipping the bird at the fans, but that have managed so far to go unpunished:

Jay Birds

Thanks, Deadspin. Love ya!

  1. Baseball t.v. blackouts.
  2. “This time it counts.”
  3. Confiscating people’s cameras at games, lest they contain explosives, I guess.
  4. Not opening the season in Cincinnati.
  5. Trying to charge people for stats.
  6. The Reds’ last manager search.
  7. The Washington Nationals.
  8. Um…steroids.
  9. Not having any soy sauce for the sushi.
  10. “The best fans in baseball.”
  11. Dusty Baker’s use of pitchers.
  12. Dusty Baker’s construction of line-ups.
  13. Dusty Baker’s preference for old farts.
  14. The designated hitter.
  15. $8 beers.

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