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April 28, 2010

Take the Bronson Arroyo Tour

According to LikeMe.net, when Bronson Arroyo is not busy perfecting his sweet grunge guitar licks, he’s hanging out at the Lodge Bar or the Waffle House (“When my boys come to visit me, we get up on four hours of sleep and I force them to go to Waffle House,” he says. Presumably this happens around 11:30 a.m.)

Check out his recommendations for yourself here:

And definitely let me know if you run into him at Shanghai Mama’s.

April 28, 2010

Take the Brandon Phillips Tour

Someone sent me a link last August to a site called LikeMe.net, who have recommendations on Cincinnati-area restaurants and attractions supposed to be personally recommended by Brandon Phillips.

You can check out his recommendations here:

No way for me to really tell whether these are Phillips’ actual haunts, other than to actually stake out the Super Bowl in Erlanger, KY, but I don’t have any reason *not* to believe it either. I mean, would you really be that surprised to find yourself sitting next to BP at the bar at BW3?

April 28, 2010

The Daily Brief: Journey to Competence Starts with One Step

Last Game
Dusty Baker shocked everyone by changing up his lineup yesterday. The shortstop was moved to 6th, Brandon Phillips was moved to 2nd, and Scott Rolen was moved to the cleanup spot. And the universe did smile upon the better lineup, and the Reds did score 6 runs. Aaron Harang had his best start of the year, as well, pitching 6 innings of 2-run ball and getting the second win by a Reds starter this year. Sure, it was only the Houston Astros, who aren’t too far removed from a AAA team this year, but don’t forget that the Reds were swept by the Pirates already this year.

Next Game
The Reds attempt to continue their winning ways, and have their best starter to assist, when Mike Leake takes the mound at 8:05pm EDT versus Felipe Paulino.

Old Harang Back for One Night Engagement Only!
It felt like Aaron Harang was back to normal last night, like the ace he was for a couple years with the Reds. He was much more aggressive and got ahead of hitters with more regularity, which was something pitching coach Bryan Price encouraged him to do. Even Harang agreed about the change in his performance, “It kind of felt how it was a couple of years ago.”

For the Reds to even sniff a winning record, they need Harang to overcome his poor pitching from early this season. The big test will be his next start against the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals lineup is far better than that of the Astros, but since he’ll be going up against Chris Carpenter again, it sure would be great to see another of their epic pitcher’s duels.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
Brandon Phillips is 4 home runs away from 100 for his career.