April 15, 2010

Reds 2, Marlins 10: Reds Gets Asses Handed to Them Florida Style

W: Johnson L: Harang


Fish Johnson. Huh huh.The Reds got their first serious shellacking of the season tonight as they fell to the Marlins 2-10 in a game that made me feel like 2009 all over again. Seriously, I was afraid that if I turned the channel I might hear that Chrysler filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy or that Heath Ledger had gotten the Oscar.

Aaron Harang took the mound and the loss for the Reds. He lasted four inauspicious innings, giving up 8 runs (earned ) on 10 hits and 2 walks, including a home run. He struck out 4, which might sound OK if it didn’t come after all those other numbers. Owings, Ondrusek, and Masset finished out the game with commensurate performance to what you’d expect in the situation they were going in to.

Chris Dickerson and Johnny Gomes scored the runs for the Reds, knocked in by Orlando Cabrera and Ramon Hernandez. Those four plus Jay Bruce were the only hit contributors and seven were left on base.

Tomorrow the Reds head to Pittsburgh to pick on someone somewhat less than their own size (theoretically, at least; the records are nearly identical so far). Mike Leake will face off against Zach Duke.

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