July 7, 2011

ESPN steals FSOhio’s crap; FSOhio gets new crap

Why in the heck ESPN is still picking up Reds games, I don’t know. I mean, FSOhio doesn’t really have a choice: the Reds are pretty much the whole reason they exist this time of year. But ESPN could be picking up anyone’s games. Have they seen how this team has been playing? The Pirates would be a whole lot more interesting at this point.

But worry not! Just because ESPN is stealing the stink-fest that is the July 24th game with the Braves from FSOhio, FSOhio is making up for it by picking up the August 11 stink-fest against the Rockies.

ESPN has selected the Reds July 24th game for national broadcast, which means FOX Sports Ohio can no longer air the game.

As replacement, FOX Sports Ohio will televise:


HD coverage begins at noon with Reds Live Pregame Show.

See you there!

2 comments to “ESPN steals FSOhio’s crap; FSOhio gets new crap”

  1. Fran says:

    My assumption is that ESPN is picking up the Atlanta Braves game on July 24th and the Braves just happen to be playing the Reds.

  2. Amanda says:

    You may well be on to something there.