July 29, 2011

D-Trains search for a W continues

Dontrelle FTWDontrelle Willis, the high yield bond of starting pitchers, put in another good starting performance tonight, and again was denied the win. Not that the bullpen was terrible–allowing just one run in regulation play to let the Giants tie it up at three and eventually necessitate extras–but unlike in recent nights, that one allowed run was actually a significant percentage of the opponent’s score.

Signed in the off-season to a minor league deal, Dontrelle straightened himself out in Louisville and then joined the Reds for a start on July 10. Tonight was his fourth start since then, and he’s been nothing if not consistent:

Innings Runs allowed
6 2
4.2 (rain delayed game) 2
6.1 3
6 2

Of course, regardless of the pitcher’s performance, the team has to win before the pitcher can win, and the Reds haven’t been doing much of that lately in any event. But there’s always a bright side: if the disappearing act of the offense and/or the lack of support from the bullpen can keep him performing at this level in pursuit of a win, at least Dontrelle might be able to play for a good team next year.

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