August 3, 2011

D-Train Still Looking for W

Dontrelle Willis shouldn't let anyone else have the ballTonight, Dontrelle Willis again put in a better-than-out-to-be-required pitching performance only to have it given away by the bullpen. In his five starts with the team this season, Willis’ leads have been given up by three different bullpen members: Francisco Cordero, Bill Bray, and tonight, Nick Masset.

This time, Willis even contributed a solo shot himself, so intent was he on leaving the game with the lead. But alas, Dusty Baker–the only guy who could make the decision and the only guy who would think it was the right one to make–put the ballgame into the hands of Masset who faced five, retired zero, and eliminated Willis’ chance for the win.

On that topic, something must be wrong with Masset, right? More than just inflammation of the suckage gland. He was reliable in recent memory.

Unfortunately for the team and the fans, the team has now lost two in a row again. One night it’s the starting pitching, the next night it’s the offense, the next it’s the defense, the next it’s the pen, so it’s hard to know where to focus. Of course, it’s too late to do anything anyway. Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and start planning for next year. Removing the pressure might even result in some more fun baseball to watch. I doubt Willis would be willing to do that, though. He’ll just take to take his 3.41 era and stretch it across a complete game if he wants to score that W.

1 comment to “D-Train Still Looking for W”

  1. isaiah53 says:

    what was dusty thinking when he took dontrelle out? was he thinking he was managing the cubs?