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August 8, 2011

The Yonder Alonso Experiment Tour Put on Hiatus

Yonder Alonso, the rookie with a great bat and no natural position to play on the field for Cincinnati Reds, now has one less position to try to play.

Alonso had been playing left field in AAA Louisville, and then spent some time there for the Reds. But that is no more.

Asked if Alonso would play left again, Dusty Baker said: “Not in the near future.”

Alonso was rough in left field over the weekend, but I think not playing him might be premature. I mean, this is a team that supported Adam Dunn playing left field for just about forever. A great bat can more than make up for bad defense.

The plan now, though, is to have him try playing third base some. I fear this may end up leading to a Brandon Larson type of situation.