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August 5, 2011

Reds lose again

It’s funny how you start to run out of titles for these posts.

Today the Crack Technical Staff and I both had the day off work AND had arranged for childcare for the day, so we were already at a local brew pub when the game started. The pub is, unfortunately, owned by a Cubs fan, so all its waiters and bartenders wear Cubs shirts all the time. It would have been all manner of fun to hold a Cubs’ loss over their heads, but alas, they were playing the Reds today, so that wasn’t happening.

I mean, who are the Reds to stand up to the might of Ryan Dempster? Bah.

Swept by the damn Astros (I know they’re a second-half team but c’mon) and now have started the series with the Cubs with a loss. I think I’ve made it clear that I’ve already given up on this season, but I’d still like to enjoy baseball through the month. Maybe it’s time to let BP set the line-ups and see what happens.