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August 25, 2011

So quiet, you could hear Joey’s HRs drop

They should upgrade them all to the Diamond SeatsI was still at the office when yesterday’s double-header started, so I didn’t tune in until about the fourth inning. By that time, I would have missed the conversation about the apparently shockingly low number of attendees for the start of the game. An unofficial count had only 347 fans in the stands at the first pitch.

Or maybe not so shocking. The very reason they were having a double-header was to avoid playing during the hurricane that’s on its way. Wise fans would also be arranging not to be caught in the weather. As important as baseball is, it’s not more important than that. But while you know that intellectually, it still seems funny that a team that can’t break into four-digits for the start of a double-header is on its ways to a new stadium. Maybe they could arrange for it to double as a hurricane shelter.