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August 28, 2011

Game 133: Reds rediscover a winning season

W: Bray L: Balester


It took them 14 innings, but the Cincinnati Reds persevered over the Washington Nationals today to propel themselves to a winning season for the first time since, oh, I don’t know. 1990?

Johnny Cueto contributed half of those innings, allowing two runs (earned) on nine hits and a walk. He also struck out 11, which is fairly awesome. He wasn’t the one to get the win, though, as you probably could have figured out from that 14 inning comment in the first paragraph. Aroldis Chapman, Nick Masset (those extra innings were his fault), Logan Ondrusek, Jose Arredondon, and Bill Bray also did their part. Bray eventually got the win.

Fred Lewis, Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, and Yonder Alonso had the RBIs for the game, and they were all great, but Alonso’s was a pinch-hit homer that tied up the game in the bottom of the ninth. Very satisfying.

But Votto’s home run in the 14th may have been even more gratifying, seeing as the Nationals has intentionally walked him in his previous two at-bats. The folks on Twitter were calling tat “Votto-matic,” but I’ll go a step further and declare it “Votto-erotic.”

Tomorrow, the Reds take on the Phillies at 7:10.