Daily Archives: October 3, 2005

October 3, 2005

Reds Blogdom Is The Source of All Baseball Blog Innovation

Check out the Cardinal Roundtable. What a bunch of big fat copiers.

Part 1 at Viva El Birdos - El Birdos? Hello? That's not even good Spanish.

Part 2 at CardNilly - Despite the fact that six people are contributing, this is significantly shorter than most of Scott's posts.

Part 3 at Bellyitcher - A very nice young lady.

Part 4 at Get Up, Baby! - Blog named specifically to prod the next guy who hasn't yet posted…

Part 5 soon to appear at The Birdwatch - C'mon pal. My team's not even in the postseason and I've gotten a post up quicker than you!

Part 6 at Cardinals Diaspora - You know, “Dispersed” would work just as well and sound a whole lot less pretentious.

Next thing you know, they'll have a St. Louis choose-your-own-adventure.