March 5, 2006

Reintroduction of the Human League

Early last season, I began a category here on Red Hot Mama called Human League. Here's what I had to say about it at the time:

There are lots of valid ways to enjoy a baseball game. It seems like the current trend is toward the statistical approach to the game, where every person, park, play, and match-up is an equation to be solved; an element to be added to the set. While I agree that a good rigorous workout of a mathematical matrix can be a fascinating exercise, for me, nothing compares to the human experience of the settings, characters, and real-life drama that unfolds over the course of nine innings.

I wouldn't say that it's a womanly approach to baseball; it's a human approach to baseball, so called because it puts humans first. Still, I suspect that most women would approach it that way, if they were approaching the game at all. Unfortunately, the priority of Major League Baseball doesn't seem to be attracting the woman viewer, though I think there's a lot for women to enjoy, and it really would be a healthy shift for the game. The human approach doesn't encourage strikes, steriod use, or an enormous economic divide between large and small markets.

But while the statistics fanatics can turn to newspaper, Web sites, entire communities to contribute more data to the number-crunching they find so engaging, where can I go to learn more about the personalities that engage me in the game? Bits and pieces from the odd human-interest baseball newspaper article, the goofy television pre-game time fillers, and mostly my own careful observation of the way a player moves, the expression on a coach's face, the words between the words of the prevalent sound bites.

And so, Red Hot Mama was born. Providing a fun and irreverant view of the characters of the Cincinnati Reds is the primary reason for her creation. Well, maybe secondary to giving me a place to stretch my ego by being a smart alec in a public forum. And, to be honest, all purposes are subsidiary to the distant possibility that the blog could be noticed and fully financially backed by some billionairre benefactor. But since I don't see that one happening any time soon, we'll bump the promotion-of-the-human-approach back up to second. Second ain't bad.

To that end, I'm introducing a new category called Human League, where I will go on to some length about the parts of the game that I think are important. Possibly, no one else in all of Reds' cyberdom will agree that it's at all interesting, and I'll be shunned and laughed at. Or maybe I'll get picked up and backed by the Lifetime network.

If nothing else, it ought to be a fascinating exercise.

Noble as those goals were, I just couldn't seem to get the format to work for me, so after a few profiles, I gave up.

But now, thanks to my crack technical staff, the Human League has enjoyed a promising change of format. I'll be posting links to the new content as it's ready, the first two being descriptions of the two player nicknames that I take credit for:

Suggestions for Human League (and all) content are always welcome. Feel free to drop me a line at

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  1. Geki says:

    You’re like Chris Berman, minus the suck!