March 11, 2006

Pirates Blame Loss on Wind

BRADENTON, FL -- After the 2-1 loss to the Reds on Thursday, the Pirates were quick to blame their poor luck on Mother Nature.

The Reds score came on a two-run home run from Reds' third baseman, Edwin Encarnación. The home run was the 23-year old's fifth in six games in the 2006 spring training season. By comparison, slugger Adam Dunn hit four home runs in 23 games in last year's spring training season.

Nevertheless, Pirates pitcher Ian Snell credited the 20-27 mph wind, not the baseball prodigy, with the home run he allowed.

“You just laugh when one goes out like that. I thought Chris Duffy actually was going to have to come in on it, and he ended up at the wall,” said Snell. “I also laughed when the bright sun caused me to walk Dunn twice, as well as when a lower-than-usual dew point limited me to a single strike-out against a team that features Wily Mo [Peña].”

Snell was so pleased with his loss that he couldn't stop smiling.

“Oh, man, it felt great out there,” Snell said, smiling. “Everything was working.”

Asked about his pitcher's befuddling happiness about defeat, manager Jim Tracy was understanding.

“Go easy on the kid,” said Tracy. “He just lost to the Reds.”

1 comment to “Pirates Blame Loss on Wind”

  1. Pat says:

    Gotta blame that loss on something. I mean, we’re the Pirates. We don’t just lose. Right?