March 29, 2006

Reds Option 3 To Louisville

While our lovely and talented hostess, RHM, is in Sarasota hobnobbing with celebrities, soakin' up those nice warm rays, and groovin' to the music of Bronson Arroyo, somebody's gotta keep the news on this here weblog up to date. Therefore, without further delay:

P Brian Shackelford, IF William Bergolla, and IF Matt Kata have been optioned to Louisville today.

No surprises here. Shackelford never seemed to find command of his pitches all spring. Narron's harped about command all spring, so the writing's been on the wall for Brian, and now it's been his undoing. Kata came to the organization too late to have any real shot at making the parent club. Bergolla was destined for Louisville all along, but had to play in a game first - you can't option a guy when he's hurt, and Bergolla had the high groin sprain since February.

I see that the Marlins released former Red Lenny Harris today. If Krivsky signs him to a minor league contract, I'm going to explode.

- HMZ -

2 comments to “Reds Option 3 To Louisville”

  1. Geki says:

    Shackelford and Wags are gonna end up being screwed out of roster spots by the vastly inferior Hammond and White. How nice.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Aw, HMZ, aren’t you a flatterer.

    I’m not surprised about Shackelford either. The Love Shack hasn’t looked so hot lately.

    I was surprised to see Bergolla at all yesterday, let alone playing second yesterday. I guess he’s back from his personal issue? And that non-hernia must be feeling at least a little better.

    I am kind of surprised about Kata, if only because of the incredible amount of playing time he’s been getting lately. Apparently they were just giving him lots of opportunities to prove himself.

    As for Hammond and White, we may well be seeing Hammond, but I think I’ve only seen White pitch once since I’ve been here, if my beer-soaked memory is any indication.

    Thanks for keeping the news fresh, fellas. I appreciate it.