July 8, 2006

Episode 18: How’s It Hanging, Death?

How's It Hanging, Death?This week on the podcast I talk with Kurt Evans, a.k.a. Death of the Chicago Cubs blog Goat Riders of the Apocalypse. If you haven't made it over there, I recommend it. Kurt puts together some seamless photoshops that never fail to amuse.

On the podcast we talk about:

  • the Cubs ridding themselves of Tony Womack
  • his relationship with Dusty Baker
  • finding the motivation to keep writing about a hopeless season
  • the ongoing pitching injuries
  • Cubs that should have gone to the All-Star game
  • finding happiness outside of baseball

We wrap up the program with 30 seconds of Ryan Adcock's song Wire to Wire, one of the tracks from Cincinnati Clutch Hits.

Episode 18: How's It Hanging, Death? (11.5 MB, 16:48)

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