July 16, 2006

Brandon Phillips

I've created a Human League entry for Brandon Phillips. JinAZ doesn't have a corresponding entry yet (something about a new baby or something), but we can add a link to that later. I wouldn't put off reading the HL entry, though; I've got a picture of his girlfriend and everything.

I've also added a section to the Bronson Arroyo Human League with those spring training photos. Enjoy!

4 comments to “Brandon Phillips”

  1. Daedalus says:

    you should have used the middle picture of his girlfriend on her website. what a very bizarre pose….


  2. Skeeter says:

    Sheileah? Like as in Sheila? Good grief.
    Being an “Ashlee” myself I don’t mind creatively spelled names, but that’s taking it to an entirely different level.
    Note to prospective parents out there: If you have to read it more than once and then say it aloud a couple of times before you’re sure you’re pronouncing it correctly, you might have taken it a bit too far.
    Of course, that’s my opinion.
    Back to baseball…

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    Daedalus – Those figure skaters can get into all sorts of strange poses. I imagine that’s part of the appeal. 😀

    Skeeter – It could be sha-LEE-uh. I just don’t know. I was at one point a “Mandi”– complete with the heart over the “i”–but that’s not hard to pronouce, just completely inappropriate for my personality.

  4. Daedalus says:

    if it’s pronounced sha-LEE-uh, then it should be spelled Shaleeuh. Why not just name your kid Joe and spell it Jhoueh?