July 12, 2007

Since We Last Saw Our Heroes

I spent all of my RHM writing time work on that report of the game a couple weeks ago, so I've got just a moment to get you up to date on the recent happenings of the Reds:

  • The Reds lost tonight. Boo
  • Josh Hamilton is on the DL; Chad Moeller came back up to take his place. Maybe Narron wasn't the problem after all. Well, not the only problem, anyway.
  • Jay Bruce is in Louisville while Dewayne Wise is on the DL
  • Speaking of Louisville, Homer Bailey pitched for the Bats tonight and apparently forgot that he wasn't with the big team: 3 1/3 innings, six runs, six hits, five walks, four strikeouts (Thx John Fay)

And that's the rest of the story. Goodnight!

1 comment to “Since We Last Saw Our Heroes”

  1. smartelf says:

    C. Trent has a good interpretation:

    As for Moeller, it’s a pretty easy move. That way he goes down when Bobby Livingston gets the call for Monday (that has not been announced, but that’s what I’d expect). Lopez stays up with Castro out, and then the pitcher who gets called up goes down when Homer’s ready to come back up. Really, it’s not anything to get upset about. With Freel and Hopper already here, it’s not like they needed another outfielder, they’re heavy on the outfielders already. With Keppinger and Lopez already up, you have bats that can play in the infield (although, Lopez was hot the last month with the Bats, I’d still rather have Javy on the bench). Javy will be pinch hitting and you can switch for him at some time if you want now that you have a third catcher. Really, for a move like this, there’s no reason to get your undies in a bunch, as it seems many of you have. It’s for one series for a team that’s already out of it. Seriously, settle down.