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January 14, 2008

Episode 85: Our Best Show of 2008 (So Far)

In our first episode of the new year, the Crack Technical Staff and I show a degree of enthusiasm about the sport of baseball unseen in these parts of a while now. It must be the promise of a new year, a new third baseman for the Cardinals, a new South American baseball academy for the Pirates, and a new not-GM for the Reds.

We also talk a bit about American Gladiators, so you won’t want to miss that.

The show covered the teams in alphabetical order by team name this week:


  • Brandon Backe signed to avoid arbitration, can’t avoid losing in the hottest NLC baller contest
  • Roger Clemens never shuts up


  • Mike Cameron signs with Brewers and will start the season off right: with a 25-game drug suspension
  • Because of Cameron, Bill Hall will move to 3B and Ryan Braun will move to left field


  • Traded Scott Rolen for Troy Glaus, giving the Blue Jays’ every child’s Christmas wish: the same right side of the infield as the Cardinals had last year
  • Signed Matt Clement to incentive-laden deal ($1.5 Million)


  • Plans to rename Wrigley Field not received well, unless they sell them to Wrigley
  • Andre Dawson was not voted in to hall of fame
  • Goose Gossage, who pitched for the Cubs one year and probably would have taken steroids, was voted in


  • Academy in Dominican Republic
  • Signed Elmer Dessens and several other players to minor league deals


  • Walt Jocketty joins Reds
  • Bronson and his love affair with Beantown