January 14, 2008

Episode 85: Our Best Show of 2008 (So Far)

In our first episode of the new year, the Crack Technical Staff and I show a degree of enthusiasm about the sport of baseball unseen in these parts of a while now. It must be the promise of a new year, a new third baseman for the Cardinals, a new South American baseball academy for the Pirates, and a new not-GM for the Reds.

We also talk a bit about American Gladiators, so you won’t want to miss that.

The show covered the teams in alphabetical order by team name this week:


  • Brandon Backe signed to avoid arbitration, can’t avoid losing in the hottest NLC baller contest
  • Roger Clemens never shuts up


  • Mike Cameron signs with Brewers and will start the season off right: with a 25-game drug suspension
  • Because of Cameron, Bill Hall will move to 3B and Ryan Braun will move to left field


  • Traded Scott Rolen for Troy Glaus, giving the Blue Jays’ every child’s Christmas wish: the same right side of the infield as the Cardinals had last year
  • Signed Matt Clement to incentive-laden deal ($1.5 Million)


  • Plans to rename Wrigley Field not received well, unless they sell them to Wrigley
  • Andre Dawson was not voted in to hall of fame
  • Goose Gossage, who pitched for the Cubs one year and probably would have taken steroids, was voted in


  • Academy in Dominican Republic
  • Signed Elmer Dessens and several other players to minor league deals


  • Walt Jocketty joins Reds
  • Bronson and his love affair with Beantown

2 comments to “Episode 85: Our Best Show of 2008 (So Far)”

  1. Lambo says:

    An Amanda Calendar…..


    Now, if you were just wearing the Reds Jersey, you may have something there. I know I would buy one, and I am sure so would Sketkar. Hell, we would even advertise for you on Astrocast.


    Now, what if, you also were all other NL Central Jerseys… I know I have an Astros one laying around here I could donate…


    Enjoyed the podcast…

  2. KC2HMZ says:

    In chronological order relative to the podcast:

    1. There are no criminal charges filed against Roger Clemens or, for that matter, against any of the other players named in the Mitchell Report either, other than Barry Bonds.

    2. Wrigley Field was named for William Wrigley, Jr. who owned the Cubs from 1925 to his death in 1932.

    3. The tagline based on the famous Henry Lee eulogy of George Washington has already been used in baseball. Years ago, sportswriter Charlie Dryden characterized the old Washington Senators as, “First in war, first in peace, and last in the American League.”

    4. Wayne Krivsky is in the final year of his three-year contract.

    5. It’s Lee May, not Lee Mays. He’s in the Reds’ Hall Of Fame.


    P.S.: Krivsky has just been placed on the 15-day Disabled List with a whiplash injury sustained while looking over his shoulder.