April 19, 2008

More Exposure to the Blosphere than You Ever Wanted

If you’ve been paying close attention for the last couple season, you’ve noticed that I’ve answered five questions about the Reds for blogs that follow the opposing teams. This sounds like something I would initiate, but actually, in both cases I was approached by the other blogger. It’s like we’re becoming a big NLC collective consciousness or something.

The first set of questions came from the Cubs blog Goat Rider’s of the Apocolypse, which I think I’ve already linked to. I haven’t mentioned the award that they’ve also bestowed upon Red Hot Mama, the Corey Patterson award – an award given to a blog covering a team with a player who’s failed to meet his potential. Damn that’s a lot of modifiers. And as long as you’re visiting Goat Riders’ discussion of the Reds, you can read this inexplicably passionate decrying of Marty Brennaman’s inexplicably passionate response to the idiot Cub fans inexplicable throwing of balls on the field after an Adam Dunn home run a few games ago.

More recently, the blog Brew Crew Ball posted my answers to some questions on the Reds before the current series. It’s really nice to have an interaction with a Brewer’s blog; we really haven’t had many conversations with Brewers fans around here, so here’s another link. This is where they talk about Ben Sheets getting hurt.

Continuing the theme of other bloggers who have not come to terms with the fact that RHM is no longer a Reds-only blog, I got a message about this proposal for improving the display of retired numbers at Great American Ball Park from BrianBaute.com. I kinda like the idea, and I’d put adding the names of the players high on the priority list for changes as well.

As we work our way down the emails in my inbox, here’s another episode of the MLB Roundup from DoublePlayTV.

And heck, while we’re at it, check out the new sports portal FanBunker.com, where they advertise hand-pick the blogs they pull from to give you the highest quality sports news.

If that trip ’round the blogsphere wasn’t enough for you, finish up with this bizarre song and video from Ryan Parker.

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