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January 5, 2010

B-Phil and J-Roll

jroll Listening to the Hot Stove report on 700 WLW this evening, I heard a caller ask Marty and Thom whether they thought that the Reds might bring in Orland Hudson and swing Brandon Phillips around to play short stop.

The Brennamans, of course, talked about how the Reds wouldn’t spend the money and how they’ve made no indication that Phillips will be leaving the right side of the bag any time in the foreseeable future.

To me, though, the most important reason this shouldn’t happen is because the world deserves to see Brandon Phillips and Jimmy Rollins up the middle. Even though I know it might be too much attitude for any one MLB city to handle, it’s actually kind of a dream of mine.

J-Roll to B-Phil to Votto for the triple play.