May 28, 2010

Vote Votto: The Smile Says It All

Joey VottoJoey Votto’s stiff neck is robbing me of the content that made it so easy to write these Vote Votto posts, so tonight I’m relying on the smile in street clothes to do the talking for me.

I’m beginning to get creative with the email addresses that I’m using for the All Star Voting. Back when I was the president of the Indiana chapter of a professional society, I set up Gmail accounts for all the officers.

The chapter has since dissolved, but the email addresses remain, and I don’t think anyone’s going to much mind if I use them.

Speaking for myself, I’ve now voted 25 times per day, 5 days in a row. If I can do this 30 more days in a row, that’ll be 875 votes all together. That’s not bad, but obviously I can’t get him there by myself. You need to vote too!

You can vote online 25 times per email address.


5 comments to “Vote Votto: The Smile Says It All”

  1. Rocktman65 says:

    I’ve decided if Votto makes the All-Star team, you should get his jersey from the game.

  2. Amanda says:

    My only regret is that I have but one social life to give for my team.

  3. Rocktman65 says:

    You have a social life? I’m jealous. 😀

  4. DZ says:

    I voted Votto!


  5. Amanda says:

    Awesome, DZ!