July 27, 2010

RHM Inbox

A few things that have been stacking up in my inbox, just waiting for a night when I’m too tired to write anything of my own. Thank you, other bloggers, for sharing!

Prospect Interview
Bus League Baseball interviews Blue Jays’ prospect Zach Stewart. If you’re like me, you have no recollection of who that is, and since the Reds aren’t mentioned in the story, reading it would be interesting but not helpful in making the connection. Fortunately, Brian, the author, reminded me that he was among the players the Reds traded for Scott Rolen.

Past Glory Meets Current Nerdiness
Remember the pretend 1977 Reds team I was “managing” this season? And, by managing, I mean seeing some of the best players of the era get screwed over by unlucky rolls of the dice and losing interest in the whole thing. Well, apparently the dice have been in their favor lately, and they’ve been on a bit of a tear. Check out the write-up, if you’re as interested in imaginary past glory as the current real-life glory of the team right now.

Around the Sphere
Not that I have nearly the time to read other blogs that I want to have, but I did take a moment to check out Reds Country and was well impressed. I hope you have an little time to give it a look. I also has an email from back in March announcing another baseball blog, but I spared you that one, because my standards for the blogs I’ll link to are rigorous: 1) you must know how to use paragraphs, and 2) you must post more than once ever.

Call for our Prospectus
Moving on to the sort of crap only a baseball fan MBA could come up with (ahem), SeatGeek.com is a “website that forecasts how sports and concert ticket prices move on the secondary ticket market.” This may be as good a market to invest your retirement fund in as any. Read the report, but remember that every opportunity has risks.

And that’s about everything in the inbox, except for a book excerpt I’ve been meaning to look at for four months, SEVERAL poorly punctuated messages from PayPal to let me know that my account has been locked and that I need to fill out an attached form with all my personal information in order to access it again, and a surprising number of Canadian pharmacies want to sell me Viagra. How did they even know I was in the market?

2 comments to “RHM Inbox”

  1. Rocktman65 says:

    Sure glad I haven’t sent you any e-mail. 🙂

  2. Jeff P. says:

    Dicemaster Jeff here.

    Red Hot Mama’s ’77 Reds were not just getting unlucky rolls. After back-to-back championships, the real version was saddled with a pretty bleak starting staff after Tom Seaver, along with a struggling pen, and the fact they finished ten games behind the Dodgers reflects that. The replay was also reflecting that the first two months, but with Seaver and Fred Norman now able to go on 3 days rest, they’ve gotten “lucky”. The real ’77s averaged 4.95 runs scored a game. The replay ’77s are currently at 5.69.