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March 6, 2013

In Brief: Reds take on Team Canada

Jay Bruce returns to the dugout after hitting a home run.

Bruce had two home runs yesterday. Get used to photos like this. (AP Photo/Matt York)

Last Game
Despite leading early, the Reds kept their losing streak alive yesterday when they lost to the Angels 4-6. The starting pitching was pretty good, the youngster they gave the ball to in the seventh wasn’t, and Jay Bruce hit 2 solo shots.

Next Game
Tonight the Reds play an exhibition game (as if they aren’t all exhibition games) against the World Baseball Classic team from Canada. Both teams number Joey Votto on their rosters, so of course, he won’t be playing at all tonight.

Bruce is apparently hot, though, and Mat Latos is starting, so it still ought to be a game. First pitch at 9:05 p.m.

Every game is equally important; some are just more important than others
There is no mention of tonight’s game on the home page of Reds.com except for the fifth story in the carousel. That puts it behind a story about the battle for the fifth rotation spot, an ad for MLBtv premium, a story that calls Todd Frazier a “new face,” and an ad for single-game tickets. Sort of gives you an idea of how this game ranks, priority wise.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
Pittsburgh’s Russell Martin was supposed to be the starting catcher for Team Canada, but he backed out to keep from using up all his catching ability before the season even starts. He still wanted to play, though, and his idea was to play shortstop instead. It sounds like a ridiculous idea, but he does have 15 whole games at 3B in his career, which is almost the same thing.

March 6, 2013

Spring training game 13: Reds 4, Angels 6

Reds (2-11)0101000114100
Angels (2-8)00010050-6120
W: Mills (1-0) L: Ravin (0-3) S: Brasier (1)


Leake winds up against the AngelsThe Cincinnati Reds dropped their seventh game in a row yesterday, losing 6-4 to the Angels. However, just like the points in Who’s Line is it Anyway?, the losses don’t matter.

What can matter is the results of the players. Since the Reds have pretty much no competition for any of their starting roster spots, the players can actually take the time to focus on practicing and getting ready for the season. It makes for a different kind of spring training as a Reds fan.

So what were the results? Mike Leake started the game and had three strong innings, allowing no runs, four hits, and striking out 2. Aroldis Chapman followed him, and gave up a home run to the first batter he faced. That was the only run he allowed in his two innings of work.

The reason the Reds lost was due to the usage of young prospect Josh Ravin, who allowed five runs in his 1/3 inning of work. Again, another example that the Reds can treat spring training differently than in the 2000s. Here they’re letting a prospect pitch against some talent at a higher level than him, ostensibly in the hopes it can spur Ravin to realize how much harder he needs to work to compete in the majors.

As for the offense, the bats finally woke up, thanks to Jay Bruce. He hit two home runs, both solo shots, which had the Reds leading until Ravin’s appearance in the 7th. The offense tried to come back, but the two runs in the 8th and 9th just weren’t enough.

Today the Reds will play Team Canada. Mat Latos will start for the Reds, while the Canadians send out Mark Hardy. Game time is 9:05pm.