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May 6, 2006

Episode 11: Welcome Crack Technical Staff

This week on the podcast, I talk with my Crack Technical Staff, a.k.a., Jon, about the important news for the week ending May 6, 2006. Listen to how cute he sounds. Dorky sure, but I've always been helpless against dorky, probably due to my own high dorkiness quotient.

Topics we cover include:

  • The all-star ballot and Daedalus's write-in-Brandon-Phillips campaign.
  • Who will be back first: Wilson, Griffey, Milton, or Aurilia. (hint: not Griffey)
  • The Reds' hot start, including against the great pitchers in the league.
  • The use of Coffey in the late innings, but not the latest inning.
  • The performance of Williams and Elizardo.
  • Womack's fate and the addition of Denorfia and Olmedo.
  • Fan fatigue.
  • The general lack of respect for the Reds (and how that's going to change).

Episode 11: Welcome Crack Technical Staff. (10.5 MB, 15:14)

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May 6, 2006

Game 30: Reds 1, Rockies 7

The Reds suddenly forgot that they were major-league players in yesterday's game to find themselves on the loser-end of a 1-7 score with the Rockies. They had been on the winner side of that same score the day before.

Elizardo Ramirez gave up seven runs (one earned) on five hits and two walks through his four innings of work. All seven runs scored in the second inning, which, coincidentally is also when the team's three errors occurred. Imagine that.

Chris Hammond gave up no runs on a hit through two, bringing his ERA dangerously close to single digits at 10.12. Brian “Love” Shackelford held them hitless through the eighth and David Weathers allowed none on one in the ninth.

I was asleep for this game, but I saw the second inning on tape later on, and there were many more than three errors. I estimate that the Rockies should have been out seven times during that inning.

And the blame is very evenly distributed. Felipe Lopez, Scott Hatteberg, and Ryan Freel got the official errors, but Quinton McCracken was playing way too deep in center field when the pitcher was up to bat and Ramirez balked. Later, when the Reds should have been catching up, Javier Valentín made some stupid baserunning moves.

But mostly I blame Rich Aurilia for getting hurt and not playing in the game. Someone needs to be the grown-up in that infield.

Basically an all-around shoddy showing yesterday, and I'm glad I didn't stay up to watch it. I'm hoping for a big bounce-back performance from my boys tonight.

The loss brings the Reds' record to 20-10. Bronson Arroyo faces up against Claudio Vargas for the second game tonight at 9:40 p.m.