May 12, 2006

The Interview that Never Was

Since I went to all the work to write these freaking questions, I figure I might as well share what I would have asked if I’d had the opportunity. I think you’ll agree that this would have been a killer interview

I would have asked these questions on May 1, 2006, after his complete game against the St. Louis Cardinals:

Tonight’s start —
swapping rotation to face Mulder
complete game; 4 hits, 1 run, 4 strike-outs, 5-0 recordBeen on fire. How’s it been pitching in Cincinnati?
How’s the media different?
How’s the team different?
How are the fans different?

When you were traded, you had some not-so-nice things to say about leaving Boston. Would you still rather be pitching out of their pen than what you did tonight?

Are you still in touch with your old Boston teammates?
What do they think of your performance?
What do they think of Wily Mo?
You’ve got to have a sense that you’re proving them wrong for trading you

The Sox beat the Yankees tonight, 3-7. Are you sad to have missed it?

You’ve got two home runs and a .125 batting average, which isn’t horrible for a pitcher. How are you liking hitting again?

What do you think of the Reds chances continuing through the season?

Lots of people testify about the influence of Bob Castellini on the team this season. Are you feeling his impact as well?

When are the cornrows coming back?

Do you have any new musical projects in the works?

What do you think of the new Pearl Jam album?

Looks like your next start will be in the heat of Arizona. Are you ready for a climate change?

The best of luck to you, Mr. Arroyo. Thank you so much for being on the podcast.

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