November 15, 2006

Denorfia and the Marlins

I would have though that if any of the Reds personnel interested the Fish, it would have been Pole.

According to this story on, the Marlins are in the market for a young, cheap center fielder who can defend a few acres of outfield. The author of the story mentions Chris Denorfia:

It's not just a matter of swapping some excess pitching for an emerging outfielder with some speed, some sock and fewer than three years of service time.

The glove and the arm need to be there, too, in order to maximize the benefit of all that young pitching the organization has accumulated.

Lesser options include Chris Denorfia (Reds), Franklin Gutierrez (Indians), David Murphy (Red Sox) and Cory Sullivan (Rockies), although the latter two aren't much against lefties.

Though the author of the story lists Deno as a “lesser option” and only in the final paragraph of the story, there does seem to be love for the Heartthrob in the reader comments.

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