November 15, 2006

Did He Just Say 3 Years and $13 Million?

It's when you see number like “3 years” and “$13 million” quoted in stories about your veteran free agents, such as in this story from The San Francisco Chronicle, that you start to realize that there is no chance that Rich Aurilia will be playing for the Reds next season:

Also, according to sources:

-- The Giants continue to talk to Rich Aurilia, whom they view as a potential third or first baseman. Aurilia is hearing from a lot of teams but is considering strongly a return to San Francisco and a reunion with manager Bruce Bochy, whom Aurilia admired during his brief 2004 stint in San Diego.

Aurilia could benefit from the three-year, $13 million deal the Cubs gave Mark DeRosa. DeRosa is younger but Aurilia is more versatile.

3 comments to “Did He Just Say 3 Years and $13 Million?”

  1. nm7 says:

    The Reds should have given Rich a two year deal to ensure he would be back. Good for Rich. He deserves to be an every day player. He certainly proved it for the Reds – too bad Narron was paying attention!

  2. ohiobobcat says:

    DeRosa is more versatile than the Bad Man. But Mark doesn’t have a wife who can sing.

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    nm7 – “too bad Narron was paying attention” is the best line of the off-season. Congrats, man.

    OBC – You’re right, you know. Agility at third and first are great. A veteran presence and ability to hit with men on are important, too. But you just can’t put a price on a hot, singing wife. At least not on eBay: they frown on that sort of thing.