March 2, 2008

Blog Buzz: St. Louis Cardinals

It’s a challenge to write a blog buzz about the Cardinals. Many of the tried-and-true Card blogs folded up after the World Series win. I can also assume that the writers have ascended to a higher plane of existence.

Cardinals Brendan Ryan

Viva El Birdos is still around, though, where Houston Cardinal is talking about Albert Pujols’ year last year. While impressive in a vacuum, it wasn’t exactly the height of his career, and Houston Cardinal considers the wisdom of trading the big guy before his value drops.

Consider the following:

* Albert’s OPS of .997 was the 2nd lowest of his career and his lowest since 2002
* his .336 EQA was his lowest since 2002, 3rd lowest of his career
* his VORP of 72.1 was the 2nd lowest of his career and his lowest since 2002
* his isolated power of .241 was the lowest of his career
* his RC/27 was the 2nd lowest of his career
* his 27 GIDP was the highest of his career
* his PA’s were the 2nd lowest of his career
* he hit the fewest homers, had the fewest RBI and runs scored of his career

If he demands a trade before the 2010 season b/c the team has been horrible in 2008 and 2009, the team will have to seriously consider granting it in order to get maximum value in return. Right now, the Cards can’t get from another team what Pujols is worth but that may not be true in 2 years and this may be an option the team has to consider if the next 2 years are as bad as they might be.

I also dug around a little to find Mike on the Cards, a newish blog that started after the post-World Series delirium. Mike is wrapping games. Yesterday, the Cardinals lost to the Marlins 3-2 and Tyler Johnson didn’t get to pitch after he reported tightness in his shoulder. Prior to that, the Cardinals had won three straight.

2 comments to “Blog Buzz: St. Louis Cardinals”

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the link Mama. I’m looking forward to an improved Cardinals team this season, even if it’s only marginal. What’s the word these days from Reds camp? Our old pal Dusty is in charge huh? Do you expect to be in the thick of a pennant race at the end? A lot has to go right for the Redbirds to be there in the end.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hiya, Mike. Welcome to RHM. It’s always a pleasure to get perspectives from someone new.

    Are the Cardinals even marginally improved this season? If Carpenter can come back, I guess. Oh, and the moving-on of Jim Edmonds can’t hurt either.

    Reds camp is all about Jay Bruce, who is poised to overtake Albert Pujols as the baddest ass on the baseball diamond if you can believe what you read.