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March 29, 2008


…candid photography, snap-snap, click-click, know what I mean, nudge-nudge, say no more. 😉

I got back from Florida last night. Two days of driving each way…but probably the smarter choice, given all those people sleeping in airports while the planes are inspected for cracks. (And yes, if I’d flown, it would have been Delta.)

I went to six baseball games in six days, and took a ton of photos at all of them. Weirdly, one of the ushers at a Reds game told me that cameras were not allowed in the stadium. WTF? Who ever heard of a rule like that? Practically everyone there had a camera and was snapping photos left and right, but he singled me out and told me to put the camera away. Jeez. I thought they were Nazis at Yankee Stadium, but they allow cameras there. (I simply moved to another section and continued taking photos.)

Yup, I’m afraid it’s the moment you’ve all been dreading: I’m inflicting my vacation photos on you.

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March 29, 2008

BuyCincy Opening Day Guide

Got an email about this yesterday and thought I’d pass it along. Seems like good info if you’re going to be in the Queen City for Opening Day.

BuyCincy Header

BuyCincy, CityBeat’s “Best Blog” in their 2008 Best of Cincinnati issue, is pleased to announce its 2008 Opening Day Guide. As a part of our mission to highlight the area’s best locally owned businesses, we have given the lowdown on where to eat, drink and watch the game locally, and even the best places to see the Opening Day parade! We thought your readers might be interested in our guide, which can be found here: