March 31, 2008

Reds Game 1: Diamondbacks 4, Reds 2



Aaron Harang Wearing Joe Nuxhall’s Name and Number in TributeAh, baseball! How I’ve missed thee. Thy glorious green fields. Thy majestic stadiums. Thy–eh, enough of that. Let’s have some fun with a game wrap!

Here is a verbatim transcript of the Reds’ lone scoring effort in their loss to the Diamondbacks to start the 2008 season today.

RHM: Gameday has stopped responding; it’s stuck on Griffey.
CTS: Well, Griffey pissed Dusty off by walking.
CTS: And then, in a surprising turn of events, that clog of the bases resulted in a run somehow when Phillips tripled.
RHM: This is exactly what the game wrap should say.
CTS: It gets better.
CTS: Phillips is clogging up third. But somehow, he scores when Dunn grounds out to short.
CTS: Now EdE’s clogging up first. There are 2 outs and Javy’s up.
CTS: Ah, and Javy ended the inning.
CTS: Strange. 2 runs scored without a single solo homerun.
RHM: Amazing.
RHM: Something just doesn’t add up there.

There wasn’t a whole lot of other action for the Reds outside of the 4th when the above happened. An Encarnacion error and a Harang wild pitch got the Diamondbacks on the board first, giving them a lead they never relinquished. Of course, the two solo home runs that Harang allowed in the 3rd didn’t help the Reds comeback efforts any.

Still, a solid performance from Harang. I’ll expect him to do better as the season wears on, but he’s definitely gotten better at dealing with the unusual sold-out stadium and the opening day pressures. I’d like to see him overtake Mario Soto’s record for thenumber of consecutive opening day starts. I think he’s halfway there.

The game didn’t feel quite right, though. It wasn’t until it was over and I was reading about the Cubs-Brewers game that I realized what it was: the Carlos Zambrano meltdownâ„¢. It just isn’t opening day in Cincinnati without the Big Z throwing a hissy fit on the mound.

The loss puts the Reds in last place in the Central, a game behind the Brewers. The Reds and the Diamondbacks take a much needed day off before game two of the series on Wednesday, when Bronson Arroyo starts against Dan Haren.

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