June 4, 2008

Cubs 9, Padres 6: Holy Crap!

Cubs (38-21)0001230309111
Padres (23-37)0021000306101
W: Jason Marquis (3-3) L: Bryan Corey (1-1) S: Kerry Wood (16)


What’s going on with the Cubs?

Another win last night on the road, and it was another come-from-behind affair. Now I skipped a few years of baseball after the strike, but even before that, I don’t remember the Cubs winning much. I’ve never seen them playing and winning so much. It’s weird, it’s uncanny, and it’s unnatural. It’s like the person with enough votes not winning an election.

I do fully expect it to stop, but the Cubs did win their 9th in a row last night, thanks to homers from Geovanny Soto, Mark DeRosa, and Alfonso Soriano. Jason Marquis sucked for the Cubs, which explains why they were behind early. I’m surprised he’s still in the rotation, but that’s the one glaring weakness of the club right now. They don’t have anyone better to replace him.

Ted Lilly tries to win the 10th in a row tonight when he fights twice-former Cub Greg Maddux at 10:05pm EDT.

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