June 3, 2008

Episode 101: Home Alone

We haven’t had time to podcast since our 100th. And with RHM being out of town on business this week, it wasn’t looking good, but I cranked up the old recording studio and took a shot at recording a solo effort.

It’s short (that’s what she said) because I discovered quickly that I suck by myself. Amanda makes it sound easy, that’s for sure.

At any rate, enjoy a few short minutes of me rambling about the state of the NLC. Hopefully, we’ll get the podcast back on track again next week.

2 comments to “Episode 101: Home Alone”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hey, that was really good, CTS. It’s nice to hear some baseball stuff while I sit here in my hotel room, getting ready to check out.

  2. Zeldink says:

    Thanks. It took a lot more editing to get it to a presentable state than any of your podcasts ever do.