June 3, 2008

Reds 4, Phillies 5: Losing, but Not as Much

Reds (28-30)000112000470
Phillies (34-25)20030000-5120
W: Kyle Kendrick (5-2) L: Bronson Aroyo (4-5) S: Brad Lidge (14)


The Reds traveled to Phillie yesterday and lost, as most expected them to. (They’re winning just over 30% of their games away from home, so it’s an easy bet to make.) There was one difference in this game, though. It felt like the Reds didn’t lose as much as they normally do.

When Adam Dunn hit a hanging pitch towards the gap in the 6th, there was a chance that it would leave the park and tie the game. It turned out to bounce against the wall for a double, but two runs scored, leaving the Reds one run short. They didn’t tie things up in their remaining three chances, but it felt to me like it was far more possible than previously.

Perhaps I’m simply falling victim to the bogus law of averages, but I thought Cincinnati had a chance. I mean, Arroyo was his typical sucky self, but the game was still close. And the relievers included 0 good pitchers in Majewski, Bray, and Weathers, yet the game was still close.

Maybe they’ll defeat that law of averages tonight when the two play again.

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