July 22, 2006

John Allen Sees His Reflection

Kriv-dawg? I think I'm in love.

Kriv-dawg? I think I'm in love.

3 comments to “John Allen Sees His Reflection”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, another RHM Exclusive: Proof positive that John Allen is not a vampire.

    Dagnabbit, I told those guys Nickel Beer Night was not a good idea.


  2. Joel says:

    Wo-ooo Dreeeeeeeam We-aver, I believe you can get me through the ni-hight!

  3. Skeeter says:

    If John Allen sees his reflection does that mean we get six more weeks of playoff contention?
    (Well, actually, I’m hoping for, say, 9 more weeks…)