July 22, 2006

The Red Reporter Is Down Game Thread

Looks like Red Reporter is down, and I'd hate for you guys to be forced to go over to Redleg Nation or Redszone to discuss the game, so I'm putting up a post for your discussing convenience. Sort of a place to crash when your regular place has crashed.

So, uh, how 'bout that Joe Mays, huh? Yikes.

57 comments to “The Red Reporter Is Down Game Thread”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    Joel! Such language!

  2. Joel says:

    sorry, my enthusiam overfloweth.

  3. Zeldink says:

    I’m impressed they overcame the enormous suckage of Joe Mays to win that. Very cool.

    Todd Coffey now has wins in each of his last three appearances. That covers just two innings of work, in which he’s also had a couple strike outs and no runs.

    It’s still a small sample-size, but I think our set-up phenom from the beginning of the year is back.

  4. Geki says:


    Mercker to the DL, Love Shack up from Louisville. Whooooooo!

  5. Red Hot Mama says:

    I’m so glad you guys showed up tonight. I would have felt like a real loser if I’d been the only one commenting on my game thread.

  6. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Scary win – some odd decisions, shaky performances, and a sadly predictable Mays Meltdown were overcome by Sluggin’ Ryan Freel and the Brewers “Maybe-As-Bad-As-The-Reds-Bullpen” bullpen. And they didn’t even need a ninth inning comeback.

    P.S. So NEILYNG got banned at RedReporter, huh? That was fast – took him two months to be banned on Redleg Nation. Whatever.

  7. Red Hot Mama says:

    I thought I heard the Brewers’ broadcasters say that their bullpen had the worst ERA in the league. Too bad they didn’t deal two of their starters for middle relievers, or maybe they would have won tonight.