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August 27, 2006

Myspace reds

Jerry Narron has a myspace profile
http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile &friendid=89300450

as does George Grande
http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile &friendid=97957165

So you can send them some love……

August 27, 2006

All of Indianapolis Isn’t Enough

Adam Dunn came up as a possible off-season trade to the Pirates in Dejan Kovacevic's Pirates Q&A on Pittsburgh's post-gazette.com this week:

Q: In regards to acquiring a lefty power bat, and I know chances are extremely slim, but what do you think about trading for Adam Dunn this winter? I seem to remember his name being out there a few times over the last few years, so this winter may be no different. He's still fairly young, fills a major hole, would fit in the Pirates' budget, and -- most important -- Reds GM Wayne Krivsky clearly has no problem making trades.

Kovacevic goes on to explain why that's not a good idea: primarily because Dunn isn't all that young and he certainly isn't all that cheap with the contract he just signed. Good reasons the Pirates shouldn't pursue it, and exactly why they will.

So, what would it take from the Pirates for them to acquire Dunn? Dave Williams isn't going to cut it this time. A couple draft picks? The entire rotation? All of the Indianapolis Indians team?

I've got it: Adam Dunn straight up for PNC Park. It'll give us a place to store all the extra hot dogs we'll need for $1 hot dog night.

August 27, 2006

Reds’ Dirt

Now, I don't normally pay attention to stuff like this; as you know, I care very little about the personal lives of the players of our favorite team. But it just so happens that I ended up on On The DL less than an hour after this little tidbit was posted:

Which national leaguer's new found success has apparently gone to his head in more ways than one? You see it was quite easy to remain faithful to his wife back in the old days. That was before his team began to make a playoff run and before he started regularly going out on the town with his new teamates. The good news is that he, in his own words, rarely cheats on the missus. The bad news, however, is that he is prone to becoming a wee bit overexcited whenever he does stray. One of his most recent encounters described him as “barely being in before coming immediately.” At least the player in question, who was clearly left red-faced with embarassment, is a gentleman because he apologized for his lack of stamina before heading back home to the wifey.

Not that I've indulged in a lot of thought over this, but it sure sounds like it's describing one of our boys, specifically someone who's married, relatively new to the team, successful (unless they the “new-found success” part refers to the team's success, and the person came from a sucky team), and possibly left-handed.

Bill Bray isn't married, and Rheal Cormier hasn't exactly been “successful,” nor did he come from a bad team (the Phillies). Chris Michalak hardly seems to count, since he just came up, and Scott Schoeneweis hasn't been in Cincy long enough to get reports of his exploits sent to On the DL.

So that just leaves one person, but surely they would have included an “Every Day” reference if it had been him, right?